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Wooden Rotary Dial Phone Toy

Wooden Rotary Dial Phone Toy

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Childhood didn’t always used to include iPads and “screen time”. Remember when it was about pull behind wooden toys and waking up and playing for a few hours while your parents still slept? Children’s play was more about imagination than anything back then!

It’s in THAT spirit that we offer a select group of wooden and cloth toys for children, carefully curated to charm adults in the room as well.

Before unlimited data plans and tracking minutes, we had telephones that hung on the wall. Imagine that! Or how about the rotary ones?

No matter what the era or design was, they all had a handset in common. And although our little ones might not see those physical phones around very much, they seem to all innately know how to pick up a handset, put it to their ear, and have a pretend conversation!

We carry this lovely wooden gem in only one color way. It’s our favorite! Aqua/Seafoam… A fresh and minty take on green. It’s a nostalgic color.

Why is the color so important? Well, the color choice means this toy is most likely NOT gonna stick out like a sore thumb in your home decor. It can probably sit right there on a bookshelf looking stylish when not in use. A give everyone can live with!

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