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Everskate Skateboard Jewelry

Recycled Skateboard Necklace -Random, Unique Shapes Upcycled

Recycled Skateboard Necklace -Random, Unique Shapes Upcycled

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Hello, gorgeous geometric wood pendants! You are so sleek and modern and… umami for my eyes!

Each one is hand carved from a recycled skateboard deck (1-2 inches on any side typically) and all are completely unique pieces of upcycled jewelry. Mini pieces of art!!


- 7-layer North American/Canadian maple wood on a 21 to 22 inch metal ball chain (buyer can cut shorter easily with scissors).

- Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable and Stylish

- Individually Handcrafted from start to finish

- Perfect for men & women of any age

- Our most sustainable necklace!

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