Our Story

It’s ironic that a shop named Seven Stories has trouble quickly telling OUR OWN story, but here’s a few talented journalists that did a more beautiful job then we ever could:

Emily Park for IN Kansas City Magazine

Rae Daniel for KSHB, 41 Action News

It shouldn’t go unnoticed those wonderful features were compiled by female journalists, and that we are a woman-driven, independent bookstore opened up right in the middle of women-owned shops:

Nichole Daniels Beauty

Spark KC

Whiskey + Bone

Suds Refillery

And all of this, in a suburban Kansas City town led by a female Mayor and a female Governor.

So our success is not just the result of our own sweat equity, but the inevitable outcome when a community of women encourage and cheer each other on!

In 3 years we have went from a Little Free Library… to a lawnmower bookmobile… to a mini truck bookmobile… to an indie bookstore. And who knows where our story will lead next, but we are so thrilled that you are here to write THIS CHAPTER with us!

If you appreciate our unique offerings, then we hope you will join our book family by…

  1. Shopping with us @11111 W. 59th, Suite 203D in Shawnee, KS
  2. Ordering online @www.shop7stories.com
  3. Joining one of our Book Clubs
  4. Dropping-In for an Event
  5. Donating used books & pet shelter supplies for @PawsUpKC
  6. Scheduling a pop-up with the PawsUpKC bookmobile
  7. Following our Facebook & Instagram @shop7stories
  8. Subscribing to Libro audiobooks & selecting Seven Stories
  9. Taking a selfie in our tiny store and sharing it with a friend!
  10. Showering us with excellent reviews on Google & Yelp

You are also welcome to apply to have your BOOK or ART/CRAFT carried in our store. (Click on those words and it will take you to the application.)

There are bigger bookstores with more and newer titles. In fact, we’re pretty darn sure that we are THE tiniest, indie bookstore in Kansas, if not the Midwest. So, we know what we ARE NOT.

But… we also know WHAT WE DO WELL! Several years of giving away free books to kids and adults (through the PawsUpKC bookmobile) has taught us that there IS a book for everyone. We believe that books are the best kind of gift. We also believe in local, handmade objects and cards. ...Things with heart and integrity.

And thus we have arrived at why we call ourselves the “tiny shop with a big heart”. There is not a single item in our shop that was not lovingly selected for you… or someone you know.

#readbig #lovebig #givebig