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McMurtrie's Human Anatomy Coloring Book

McMurtrie's Human Anatomy Coloring Book

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The definitive anatomical coloring book is now back and freshened up with a new cover and an updated interior design.  

Each year, thousands of students studying to be doctors, physical therapists, and medical technicians have to master the art of anatomy—and prospective artists also want to capture realistic movement and posture.

What better way to remember each bone, muscle, and organ than by coloring a picture? The very act of drawing entices students to spend more time with the image, and to examine the body's structure more closely. That's why this one-of-a-kind coloring book, with its concisely written text and easy-to-color-in medical illustrations, has always been such a huge seller—and why it's now revised into this new user-friendly format.

Arranged according to body systems, the color-key organization links anatomical terminology to the more than 1,000 precise and detailed black-and-white illustrations.

Paperback book; 8.5 x 11 inches; 320 pages.

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