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Lovely Lavender Library Card Sachets

Lovely Lavender Library Card Sachets

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Can you say “lovely lavender library sachets” THREE times, super fast?   We are having trouble with it. And while trying to accomplish this task you might think to yourself… Who the heck even uses sachets anymore?!

WE DO… that’s “who”! If you have never opened a drawer of socks, underwear, or towels And had the refreshing, clean scent of lavender hit you then you clearly do not know what you’re missing. And believe us, when you have this personal epiphany, you will want them for every drawer. You might even want one in the center console of your car!

Just as the photo and the description says… It’s a little sachet pouch filled and sent it with premium, dried lavender, featuring fabric print designed from vintage library cards. You know… Those things that used to be in the back of books at the library and they used to have you write your name on and stamp before everything was computerized and automated. If you’re a bookish sort of person, you might even be sentimental on the library card vintage “look” bbut didn’t actually grow up in a library card era… Imagine that!

We don’t judge. We just want your drawers to smell fabulous and we want you to share your love for reading with friends. Get the sachets as gifts. Keep them for yourself. Or do both!

Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches wide and about 4 1/4 inches long

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