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Long Agate Necklace (Delicate Geode Slice)

Long Agate Necklace (Delicate Geode Slice)

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These are so simple and so beautiful and we adore them. Let’s say that again… We absolutely adore them! We love each and every color but here’s the rundown…

The purple is a deep bluish purple with a fringes of fuchsia.

The hot pink is delicate on the inside like a little white and pale pink flex of cotton candy but then bright flashes of almost fuchsia on the outside.

The blue is a deep cerulean with light blue interior and dark royal streaks running through it.

And the green has an antiquey, kelly green light to it.

These are long and the pendant is not detachable. Each geode (or agate, is the proper term) slice is tiny inch to approximately an inch and a half wide. This means it’s not going to be unwieldily or heavy. The slice is druzy or rough-cut with little flecks of crystals inside The exterior of the slice is polished smooth and then dyed to the bright colorations you see. Then the outside of the agate is painted gold.

A few disclaimers on this one… First, we are not a jewelry store. This is not 24 karat gold or gold filled. We honestly can’t give you any assurance what type of metal this is, so if you have easily reactive skin this might not be the one for you. And second, because this uses natural materials, each and every necklace will be different. We wouldn’t normally feel the need appointees out except some people miss the obvious.

No matter how you slice and dice it though these are beautiful, extremely affordable, and at this price yes, you can probably buy one in each color or gift give to all of your girlfriends in one swoop!


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