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I Am an American: The Wong Kim Ark Story- Martha Brockenbrough and Grace Lin

I Am an American: The Wong Kim Ark Story- Martha Brockenbrough and Grace Lin

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He challenged the Supreme Court on his right to be called “citizen”—and won!
When American-born Wong Kim Ark returns home to San Francisco after a visit to China, he’s stopped and told he cannot enter: he isn’t American. What happens next would forever change the national conversation on WHO is and isn’t American. After being imprisoned on a ship for months, Wong Kim Ark takes his case to the Supreme Court and argues that any person born in America is, in fact, an American citizen.
I am an American: The Wong Kim Ark Story is an important picture book that introduces young readers to the young man who challenged the Supreme Court for his right to be an American citizen and won, confirming birthright citizenship for all Americans.

This children’s book is great for kindergarten through fifth grade. It presents a historical, pioneering story and a protagonist of color… two important growth milestones that are all too often left out of children’s books. Easy to read. Easy to understand. And easy to springboard a conversation from with young children, this title belongs in every home. Reading diverse books like this is an important way to highlight toAll children how the patchwork quilt that made up America is still a continuing story.

We believe representation matters. And we believe this book needs to be on every shelf.

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