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Hardcover Cat Journal

Hardcover Cat Journal

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These journals are truly something special. The base of each original cat painting is a white, vegan leather, Settini brand journal. On its own (uncustomized), this gorgeous, hard bound beauty already retails for around $20 and is a superior quality product featuring lined pages. But we take it a step further…

Our custom modifications turn the embossed, gold heart on the front into the nose for your Kitty!

No two are alike so you can be guaranteed that yours is the ONLY one that looks like this in the world. And, try not to squeal out loud, but on the back is an adorable, MATCHING… TAIL…, y’all!

Too cute for words.

On this planet we call earth there’s only 12 of these little beauties.

**Please note that Paws Up KC kid artists are talented but there are occasional flecks of paint that made their way to the edges. We don’t find this to render them unusable or unattractive. It’s just the charm of handmade objects. If you’re picky and looking for machine perfection, this is not for you.


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