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Barbie Bakes

Barbie Bakes

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Barbie tells kids, “You can do anything if you dare to dream!”

In this title, Barbie teaches kids how to make yummy easy-to-make baked treats, from chewy granola bars and gluten-free-meringues, to fresh fruit pie pockets and Barbie’s very special birthday cake, to mid-morning snacks like scones and banana bread.

Appealing to 5- to 11-year-old Barbie fans and budding bakers, Barbie Bakes fosters an intergenerational cooking experience while simultaneously educating kids on essential baking techniques and making healthy choices.

With 50 recipes presented alongside stylized, colorful images and inviting illustrations, Barbie creates an engaging and inspiring atmosphere for kids to learn, setting them up for a lifetime of rewarding experiences in the kitchen.

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