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Wooden Toy Camera

Wooden Toy Camera

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 Childhood didn’t always used to include iPads and “screen time”. Remember when it was about pull behind wooden toys and waking up and playing for a few hours while your parents still slept? Children’s play was more about imagination than anything back then!

It’s in THAT spirit that we offer a select group of wooden and cloth toys for children, carefully curated to charm adults in the room as well.

This little camera weighs next to nothing. It comes in 4 cute colors and it has a washable canvas strap. We’ve never tried it but you could probably even pop the whole thing in the dishwasher if you had to! Somewhere in your family there is a tiny photographer in the making and he or she needs this.

The price can’t be beat.

The portability makes it ideal to take to a restaurant or in the car or to the zoo.

Your littles are gonna love it year-round!

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