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Spices & Lime - Shamsydar Ani

Spices & Lime - Shamsydar Ani

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Shamsydar Ani's taste buds have always been adventurous!

Thanks to them, dishes from her modern South East Asian kitchen runs the gamut from local classics to global favourites — made halal, of course. From ayam goreng berempah (crispy fried chicken) and kway teow goreng (stir-fried rice noodles) to za'atar crusted salmon and New York cheesecake, this collection is loaded with a refreshing variety of flavours that will put some zest into your meals. It also includes an introduction to the halal diet and suggested replacements for common non-halal ingredients.

Shamsydar Ani Took part in MasterChef Singapore’s inaugural season. She emerged the second runner-up on the show, and her skill at mixing spice paste, earned her the nickname, Sambal Queen. The Singapore-based photographer, who specializes in weddings, food, and portraits, enjoys developing recipes and blogging about her food journey. She often receive SOS messages from newbie cooks, and finds joy in making cooking easy and fun for them. As a modern cook, she is on a quest to update and simplify Malay cooking without compromising on it’s flavors.

We love this cookbook for ALL of these reasons plus the great illustrations, AND… Most especially, the fact that out of all of the cookbooks that we have reviewed this is the first and only one where we have seen a Muslim, female chef on the cover! Chef Ani is spirited. She is enthusiastic about her craft. And we passionately love this book and the recipes within. We promise it will be something completely different from the rest of the cookbooks on your shelf.

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