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Self-Reflection Dice

Self-Reflection Dice

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If you're looking for a fun way to help work through some internal thoughts and emotions, then our Self-Reflection Dice is the perfect tool for you.

Designed to foster deep introspection, each set contains prompts that make various pairs of unfinished sentences. Example "I Tend To + Allow..."

The various prompts will encourage you to reflect on your values, past, assess your self-knowledge, and take steps towards self-improvement in an entertaining and unique way.

How It Works:

Roll the pair of dice simultaneously.

Combine the two words or phrases your dice lands on and read out loud.

For example, “I Choose To + Release...” or “I Will + Attract...”

Finish the phrase by adding your own intentions. “I Choose To Release... Negativity” or “I Will Attract... New Friends.”

Reflect, discuss or Journal your phrases to deepen their meaning to you.

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