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Self-Love Dice

Self-Love Dice

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Our Self-Love Dice Set is the perfect tool to encourage individuals to embrace and cherish their inner and outer selves.

Comprised of several pairs of incomplete sentences, each prompt is carefully crafted to spark deep introspection.

As an example, one prompt may begin with "Something I Love About..." followed by "My Body".

With each roll, users will ignite a journey of self-discovery and self-love. This innovative set encourages individuals to take vital time for themselves, recognize their strengths, and love themselves unconditionally.

How It Works:

Roll the pair of dice simultaneously.

Combine the two words or phrases your dice lands on and read out loud.

For example, “What Has Changed About + Myself”

Finish the phrase by adding your personal answer or thoughts. For example, “I have changed the way I view myself and others," or "I use to think I was incapable of loving myself, but now I do."

Reflect, discuss or journal your phrases to deepen their meaning to you.

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