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Pacey Packer, Unicorn Tracker 4: Dragon Rider: (A Graphic Novel)

Pacey Packer, Unicorn Tracker 4: Dragon Rider: (A Graphic Novel)

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Calling all unicorn lovers! Pacey and Slasher (the world's grumpiest unicorn) are flying high with dragons in this graphic novel series with plenty of attitude, humor, and heart! Perfect for anyone who loves—or hates—unicorns! The battle begins for Rundalyn, the land of unicorns! To protect everyone, Pacey and Slasher MUST collect the pieces of the magic horn before the evil Alpha Unicorn does. Piece of cake, right? And everything goes to plan . . . until Pacey’s sister, Mina, gets taken by a DRAGON—hold on, there are dragons in Rundalyn?! Pacey isn’t afraid of some dragons . . . but she IS afraid of some heights. (Hey, it’s scary being up high!) With flying dragons taking little sisters, how are Pacey and Slasher going to save Mina? And with the Alpha Unicorn on their tail, can they still get the magic horn first? Find out in the fourth adventure of the Pacey Packer, Unicorn Tracker series!

Bonus: Includes instructions for how to draw a dragon!

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