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Jackie Wins Them All

Jackie Wins Them All

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Whether Jackie wins or loses, she is still amazing.

This book helps guardians and parents open up the discussion with kids on how to win and lose gracefully.

Jackie Wins Them All is an unforgettable coming-of-age picture book for children. It tells the story of a gifted sixth grader, Jackie J. Spade, who has a knack for winning everything she's tried her hand at. Science fairs, spelling bees, swimming, and skating, and just about anything you can imagine! But Jackie is about to take on her biggest challenge, the big city track meet! Will she win the trophy or will she win something even better?

Hardcover 36pgs

Girls & Women

Fabian Ferguson is an independent author and proud owner of F. Ferguson Books, a children’s book company devoted to uplifting Black authors and Black lead characters. Driven by his passion for creating stories for his son that he wished he had had as a child, in 2018, Fabian wrote Daddy’s Arms about a father and son’s adventures and launched his own publishing company.

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