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Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts

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For the cautious introvert, the world of relationships can be a daunting one to navigate. Introflirted is a hilarious collection of postcard love notes created by fellow introvert, designer, and illustrator Josh Ryan.

Each graphically bold illustration is paired with a humorous, flirty note that is just bold enough:

I’ve carefully crafted a mixtape to explain how I feel about you,

Let’s be each other’s excuse to not go to that party,

I will never tell a restaurant it’s your birthday,

and 28 other witticisms about introversion will leave you chuckling as you say, Yes! That definitely sounds like us!

Each post card is perforated so you can share the love with all your favorite introverts: your best friend, your roommate, your significant other, or maybe even that cute stranger.

Paperback 32pgs Family & Relationships/Dating

Josh Ryan Higgins is an illustrator, designer, and introvert based in Houston, Texas. Professionally designing since 2011.

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