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Spice It Up Bracelet

Spice It Up Bracelet

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The “Spice It Up” bracelet? Seriously. Where do they get these names, people!

Yet again we are delivering you something that is versatile, lightweight, able to be worn in the shower or at the gym, and it’s not gonna get itchy or scratchy at night when you’re sleeping. If any of that sounds like a dream to you, check out the three options that we offer:

“Large Chevron” is a little over 1/2 an inch wide and has shades of black, fuchsia, orange, and taupe with black cording.

“Small Summer” is 1/3 inch wide has bright shades of blue, fuchsia, orange, and yellow with a purple cord.

”Small Winter” is 1/3 inch wide and has more muted tones of orange, fuchsia, and taupe with black cording.

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