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Cats Are a Liquid

Cats Are a Liquid

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Celebrate cats in all their flowing, furry glory in Cats Are a Liquid, a charming picture book that examines the unusual physical properties of felines by writer Rebecca Donnelly and illustrator Misa Saburi.

Cats fill.

Cats spill.

Cats flow downhill.

Cats tip.

Cats drip.

Cats grip, snip, rip.

Cats are a liquid — Except when they’re not. Inspired by an Ig Nobel Prize–winning investigation of how cats behave like liquids, this book introduces some of the physical properties of liquids―they adapt to fit a container, they flow like fluids―and is just pure fun. Like its inspiration, it makes you laugh, then think. Back matter includes a brief introduction to the different physical states: solid, liquid, gas.

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