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Adjustable Sea Glass Bracelet

Adjustable Sea Glass Bracelet

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These sparkly, single thread bracelets are adjustable for any size wrist and come in three beautiful colors. We refer to them as Seaglass because they remind us of Seaglass, not because they are actually made of Seaglass. They’re a bit more sparkly than that.

The light green almost tends towards lime.

The teal has a bit of gray and blue tones.

And the maroon is somewhere between red and purple with a gray cast when held up in the light.

The orange is vibrant and alive.

And the multi or the rainbow, as we call it, carries all the colors in the middle flanked by the gunmetal gray on either end.

The cord itself is a tan colored hemp cording, so it feels weightless on your wrist. This is not a bracelet that’s going to get in the way, tangle with anything, or annoy you.

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