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Toddler Bear Hat

Toddler Bear Hat

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Did your toddler love the Eric Carle book about Brown Bear? Or have they reached the age where they just absolutely love cowboy boots and hats and every accessory available?

Nurture your little one in there love of individualism. This is the age of growth and creativity at warp speed. Before you blink they will be 14 years old and you will be so glad that you bought this adorable accessory and took a gazillion photos.

This fabric bowler hat is designed with  ears that extend out of the top and a fabric bear nose on the front.

It is not suggested to be crumpled up in the bottom of a toy bin. But it will give you several years of great life if you just periodically use a washcloth with soap and water to freshen up the top and sides.

We carry this hat and three shades of brown. From light to dark.


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