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The Art of the Handwritten Note- Margaret Shepherd

The Art of the Handwritten Note- Margaret Shepherd

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Some say that the handwritten note is becoming a lost art, but booming sales of fine stationery and high-end writing instruments don't seem to support that theory. If anything, the personal letter has become more special and revered in an age when even greeting cards are sent electronically.

For those who cherish the art of handwritten correspondence, or those who value it but find themselves intimidated by it, acclaimed calligrapher Margaret Shepherd has created both an epistolary tribute and rescue manual. Rather than just present readers with generic lines to be incorporated into their own notes, The Art of the Handwritten Note also features a selection of moving samples from letters written throughout history. Love, condolence, gratitude, congratulations - for every emotion and occasion, a snippet of heartfelt prose is included, sure to loosen the most stymied letter writer.

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