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Mamas Tryin’ Book Club

Mamas Tryin’ Book Club

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Mom’s today need social groups more than ever! Reading about other parental successes and failures will give a common space for us to meet in the middle, regardless of how old our children are.

Book club participation comes in two parts:

* First there is the functional KIT that you receive! Each monthly kit includes the months book club selection, a surprising gift or two, and a five dollar voucher to be redeemed in the store for a different book or the following months book club.

* The second element of the book club is the actual MEETING, which you may attend in person or online via Zoom. Pies & Prejudice will have a consistent monthly facilitator and a rotating monthly guest specifically familiar with the topic of inclusion and equity at hand. Space within our tiny shop is limited so naturally, so you will want to RSVP fast if being in person for the meeting is important to you.

When you pay for each months book club participation you receive both the kit and an invitation to the meeting. You are not roped into a year long bundle of automatic charges on your credit card. But likewise, we hope you will have a positive experience and choose to register for the following month. YOU DO HAVE TO PAY FOR THE BOOK CLUB EACH MONTH to receive that months kit and invitation to the meeting. If you pay for more than one month at a time we will reach out to you when the next book club box is available for pick up, generally four weeks before our scheduled meeting.

People outside of the KC area may choose to participate in book club. In this instance their boxes are mailed to them and they are invited to the zoom. Naturally they were incurring additional shipping fee.

We look forward to months of dynamic discussion and developing close bonds with book club members that choose to return, expanding the capacity of their understanding and their hearts.  We understand there may be disagreements for different roles we have each walked down, but were thrilled to offer a meeting ground for civil discourse. 

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