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Gift Wrapping Service

Gift Wrapping Service

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**Important Notes: We do not just gift wrap for Christmas. We gift wrap all year long. And you do not have to purchase the item(s) in our store. We routinely wrap items purchased elsewhere and while sometimes we can do it quickly while you wait, it’s also pretty common for people to drop off and pick up the next day.**

One of our favorite childhood memories isn’t just receiving gifts… but getting TO WRAP THEM!

Yes, you could throw the gifts you buy into a bag with a hunk of tissue and a random card. But THAT’S NOT SPECIAL. Trust us… We’ve got this. We’ve got ya covered.

- Simple book wrap is one part tissue and one part origami. We use a fiber tissue that is thicker and more substantial than what you would buy in a traditional store. And we fold it just so… Leaving you a handy flap to insert a greeting card or a store gift card.

- Larger gift wrap is referred to as small, medium, and large. No Starbucks names here. Generally speaking a small box is about a shoebox size or smaller. A medium box is most boxes including clothing. And a large size box is usually something that’s slightly unwieldily or odd shaped.

All gift wrap is custom and the price includes bows, ribbon, paper, and an additional box if needed to place odd shaped items inside. Trust us, we will make you look spectacular and you will pat yourself on the back for putting out a few extra bucks for gorgeous presentation.

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