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Barbara Neth Watercolor Irises

Barbara Neth Watercolor Irises

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Measuring 30 inches tall by roughly 16 inches wide, this piece comes to us already matted and framed. We presume this is a piece produced somewhere between 1990 and 2000, but floral subject matter is still a frequent fixture of Barbara Neth’s watercolors. This work is also local because delightfully Barbara Neth continues to make, show, and sell work in the Missouri region!

From her website:

”Vibrant color and the play of light and shadow draw Barbara  to many of the subjects she likes to paint. However the joy is in the splash, drip and spatter of putting color on the paper and watching the amazing things that begin to develop.    Watercolor allows her to experience surprise and excitement with every painting.

Barbara’s Awards and Recognition include:

  • Signature member of the Missouri Watercolor Society
  • Summit Art Juried Member since 2004
  • Artist of the Year for the Greater Kansas City Artists Association
  • Best of Show Prairie Village Art Show
  • Best of Show Blue Springs Fine Art Show
  • Best of Show Harrisonville Fine Art Show
  • Best Show Warrensburg Gallery Walk.
  • Selected for the Missouri Top 50 Show at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

Barbara Neth has studied under several nationally recognized watercolor teachers including Ken Hosmer, Eric Wiegardt, Tom Francesconi, Diane Maxie, Lian Zhen, and Frank Francese.”

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